Where Success Begins

Athlete Representation

Peak Sports Manages and advises professional athletes in the development of their career. Our expertise includes contract negotiations, player transfers and counseling in fields such as communications and


360° Network​

Our contacts help you get ahead. This is why we are continually out and about, nurturing and extending our large network at home and abroad. We put you in contact with top specialists for health, legal advice, financial management to ensure you receive the best advice. 

Consulting and Career Planning

The discovery and promotion of young talent is also one of the main aims of this company, providing them with careful career planning in what is practically a family atmosphere. This positive working environment is made possible by the way the PEAK SPORTS team is set up and functions.

Sponsorship & Media

Modern sports marketing is connecting sports and business together, we utilise our international network to present you to the outside world in the best light. We find partners for you that are a good match for your image, personality and the right stage of your professional career. 

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Dino (left) and Dylan (right) of PEAK Sports

The secret is to believe in your dreams, in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing and don't lose faith in yourself.